Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 2: Sausagemania!!!

Here we go with my sausage extravaganza!
 One of the last batches of Moroccan lamb sausage.  Good lord sausage making can be troublesome.  My funnel was eaten by my machine.  It was a crappy plastic Kitchenmaid funnel that just couldn't stand up to vintage power!  Halfway through day two sausage started oozing out of the front of the machine.  Thank goodness for Ming Wo who sells an aluminum version.  Of course then the sheep casing wouldn't fit so I had to switch to pork casing.  I'll be keeping the pork-cased lamb sausage for myself because my Rastafarian brother-in-law and Moslem niece can't eat them.  Poor me I know.
 15 feet of pork casing on my new funnel.
 Whoa look at that long sausage... 
And it is all linked up!  This is all for my parents for christmas.  I know what lucky parents they are!

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