Friday, December 2, 2011

Butchering class

 Half of a pig.  Just waiting to be cut up!

This is a butchering class I took recently at the Dirty Apron.  This is what started me off seriously on my new fanatical interest in butchering.

 Sebastian cutting the ribs in half!
 Cutting the back end off!
 The whole hog!  Look at that lovely pile of fat at the bottom left.  I think that is the fat from the kidneys?  I can't quite remember.
 Oh yeah baby!
 The tail.  For some reason I kept imagining using it for a unicorn's horn.  That would be funny and gross at the same time.
 A nicely tied up pork roast.
Look at those beautiful sausages.  That would be the handiwork of yours truly.  Not too shabby though I didn't win the taste contest.

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