Monday, December 19, 2011

Tell people you are interested in butchery...

and they ask you to butcher a freakin' moose.  Yowza!

I was on my way up to my butchers to order a lamb shoulder and a pork shoulder for my sausage making extravaganza when I ran into a friend.  We were lamenting the shopping season and I told him how I was gifting sausage this year and how I had taken a couple of butchery classes.

His next comment?  Cool, maybe you could butcher up the next moose I hunt.  (not verbatim but close)

My reply?  Sure!  That sounds awesome!  (then I invited myself hunting as well, but seriously what the freak was I thinking?  I can't butcher a moose)

He also hunts deer so here is hoping that we start with that...

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