Saturday, December 10, 2011

A vintage meat grinder

So I decided to buy a meat grinder after taking my butchery class.

My inspiration: Every year I do a Christmas Eve Brunch.  It is quite a to-do and I get very excited about the menu.  This year I decided to capitalize on some of the new food products I learned to make including preserved lemons, yoghurt, and now charcuterie/butchery.  I decided to make lamb sausages with a variety of sauces and I needed a meat grinder.  I started to look online at Canadian Tire but the reviews were not very positive.  The machines seemed to break down quickly.  I changed tack and looked on Craigslist for an older meat grinder.


A woman in North Vancouver was selling a vintage meat grinder made in the 1950's in England.  It is a Spong No. 5 and off I went to grab it for a knock-down deal - $15!!!  
Now it is time for some grinding!
 Working like a hot damn!
That would be some pork that you are seeing work its way through my lovely new grinder!  And could I just say that it is delicious.


  1. Amazing! That 52 yrs old is still working like a charm. Do you think it is really made from the 50's? In my eyes I think it is just a 5 year old meat grinder, well anyway as it is working fine there is no problem with that, I'll gonna look for a vintage meat grinder and if I'm lucky to see one I'll buy it immediately and let see which is powerful between my Waring Pro meat grinder or an old meat grinder from the 80's or any meat grinder that will work fine.

    1. I bought it from a woman whose father sold it in his hardware store back in the day. When I looked at the model online the story seemed to check out. To be perfectly honest, while it is a whole lot of fun, if you are grinding more than a little bit (which you usually are because why bother making one link of sausage) then an electric grinder is probably more powerful.

      I've been contemplating getting an electric meat grinder for that very reason.

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  4. Though a vintage piece, but still grinding a fine stuff. Love to have one. :)

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