Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A sausage for all seasons

I'm too tired to post my sausagemania day 2 pictures.  Must sleep.  But here are some shots of the flavoring agents I used in my sausages.
Freshly toasted and ground fennel seed.  For my mom's flavour I have fennel seed, fennel bulb (roasted) and pine nuts.  She loves liquorice.
 Mmmmm, rosemary, pistachio and honey.  That is for my brother the poet.
 Almonds for my dad's flavour.  Almonds, smoked paprika, red chili peppers and maple syrup.
Homemade preserved lemon.  The lamb sausage for my brunch has coriander, cinnamon, preserved lemon, garlic, and black pepper.  There is way to much black pepper but ya live and ya learn.  I like it spicy so I'm not worried about that but others might find it a titch overwhelming...

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