Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 1: Sausage Extravaganza!

Here is the result of seven hours of sausage-making fun!
 Lamb shoulder #1.  Let me admit right now I didn't really think about the anatomy of the lamb shoulder when I asked the butcher to keep the bone in (so I could practice my butchery skills).  Quite a bit more complicated than I had remembered from class.
 This is two lamb shoulders deboned and chopped, ready for grinding.
 A big pork shoulder for the pork sausage, also bone-in.
 Pork deboned and chopped.  The pork was a lot harder to hand grind.  The meat was quite soft.
 Threading the sheep casing onto my funnel.  Definitely a good tip from my butcher was to keep it wet.  While it is quite tough it did break once when I let it get too dry.
 The start of the lamb sausage.
Half of the lamb sausage done! 


  1. This is true dedication to sausage. You are sausage master, sausage mentor. Your sausage was delicious!

  2. You should call me sausage mentrix on account of my consulting company!