Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Off to the Amazon!

I wanted to post a couple of other recipes before leaving but I was completely swamped planning and packing and freaking out over my trip.

I'm heading off to Finca Organica Canoa - a small organic farm in Ecuador.  Between fifty and sixty families live on the farm and they grow a crazy amount of fruits and vegetables, from mandarins to plantains to cacao.

Who knows the experiences I will have?  I'm bringing lots of paper and colored pencils for the kids as well as party packs of lip smackers for the village girls.  I've heard the coffee is served Turkish style and is about as freshly roasted as it gets.  I don't speak Spanish but I have some phrases a lovely Mexican man translated for me (some flirty comments) and a trusty Spanglish dictionary.  I am just planning on using my hands and laughing a lot.  It should be fun.

My trip goals include:
  • Petting a tarantula (I'm arachnaphobic so this might not happen)
  • Eating a guinea pig (it's the national dish)
  • Visiting the world's largest outdoor market Otavalo
  • Maybe killing a chicken if given the opportunity...  or at least plucking and butchering a freshly killed one.  I see pictures of chickens on the website and they mention that we will eat chicken and there aren't any grocery stores around so...  someone's got to do it I figure.
That's about it for major goals.  Other than that, I really just want to have fun, kick back, do some writing and relaxing.

I can't wait to post some yummy local recipes when I get home!

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