Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The End of My Experiment

Well, I think the pig's head ended my experiment.  It threw me into a complete dietary crisis and now I'm kind of vegetarian.  The secret was in the nose.  I mentioned the nose in my post on head cheese, that I found the texture soft and unsettling.  Noses also connect with my love for aromatherapy, the sensitivity of that sense continues to fascinate me.  So somehow, feeling the pig's nose, trying to jam it into my soup pot, just shifted something inside me.  I spent most of March trying to wrestle with my feelings and what those feelings meant for the future of my food blog.

My diet is primarily vegetarian (despite the fact I write a meat blog) so the shift isn't a huge one and I will still eat meat on occasion.  In essence, I want to eat sustainably, which means a very small amount of meat.

Thanks so much for coming along on my journey.  Who would have ever guessed that a meat blog would lead to a vegetarian diet...

What will I continue playing with?
My prosciutto is still hanging so I'm excited to try that again.
Summer is coming and I am attempting soya sauce again.
Fermenting is lots of fun and my kimchi experiments will continue.
Bacon is my favorite meat so I will be making that every once in a while from local, well-raised pigs.
I might get into sourdough again, but use it in concert with yeast.
My fish sauce is still brewing away so I am going to be trying that soon.
Pie competitions will definitely be a part of my future.
I'll definitely be growing my own food and herbs as much as possible.


  1. It’s just awesome to see your transition to vegetarian diet. It is definitely a choice is good for you, and you bake pies too! Have you ever tried the okra pie with pepper jelly? There is this escarole with baby carrots that I really love. Some restaurants offer these rare treats. Maybe you can try making one. I’m sure you will absolutely love it!
    Lawrie Brinkerhoff

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