Thursday, February 9, 2012

My first batch of pancetta

Yay!  Here it is!  My first ever finished batch of pancetta!  I put ground black pepper and bay leaf in the middle and then rolled it up.
 People who make pancetta are probably thinking - that is a tiny roll.  You are correct.  After struggling to roll the darn thing up, I gave up, cut it in half and did two mini-rolls.  What can I say I have very small hands and they are a bit weak.  

This is just a small segment of it.  There were three pounds in total.  I just forgot to take a picture before chopping it up and freezing it in smaller amounts.
I am enjoying my pancetta tremendously.  Mostly I am cubing it and using it to flavour braised greens and brussel sprouts - that's my dish of the moment.  I'm also slicing it thinly though and eating it on sandwiches.  It's just so sweet and spicy and delicious.  I love the addition of the bay leaf.  Yummy and might I add a great gift for the holiday season.

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